Wichita Bag Free Businesses

If you are not registered to vote, the deadline is July 12th. Go ahead and register today!

If we lose Governor Laura Kelly, this Legislature will prohibit any bans on single use plastics. 

Check to see who is running in your district for the State House. Look them up.

If they are radical right wing, do not vote for them. They will vote to prohibit bans.

You may have to find their website if one is not listed then study a bit to figure them out.

Home Rule and the right to bodily autonomy are both good things to check for.

Don't forget to VOTE on August 2nd and November 8th! 

Senate Bill 493 passed and got to Governor Kelly who vetoed it.

It was not brought back to the floor of the House for an override vote   

because they knew they wouldn't pass it.

It will be back.

Contact our Wichita City Council

Tell them why we must go Bag Free in Wichita now!

A Council Member told us that they are not hearing about this anymore

so now is the time to email them all!

Brandon Johnson:  bjjohnson@wichita.gov

Becky Tuttle:  btuttle@wichita.gov

Mike Hoheisel:  mhhoheisel@wichita.gov

Jeff Blubaugh:  jblubaugh@wichita.gov

Bryan Frye:  bfrye@wichita.gov

Maggie Ballard:  mballard@wichita.gov

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