Wichita Bag Free Businesses

Call all City Council Members and the Mayor at 316-268-4331

and talk to them about the need to ban single-use plastic bags.

Tell them why you believe so.

It is important to let them know we demand a change.

If you live, work or shop in Wichita, speak to them!



You can also email them all at once (plus some staff) at

DLCityCouncilMembers@Wichita.gov if you'd like.


The City Council has not been hearing from people who live in Wichita,

nor people who live close but shop in Wichita, for a while.

Now is the time to step it up again.


We must ban bags in 2023!

Please send these emails to every Council Member.

Tell them where you live, include your address if you wish,

and why this is important to you.

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