Wichita Bag Free Businesses

We now have a bill to stop any bans or charges on any single use


plastic. It's SB 493 in the Senate Commerce Committee


It's up to us. Let's all send emails to the entire House Commerce Committee and ask them to vote NO on SB 493 as stated below. Watch the Commerce Committee meeting last Wednesday. They did not vote this week so you need to act NOW, please!

The list of committee members is right here:


Rep. Sean Tarwater sean.tarwater@house.ks.gov

Vice Chair

Rep. Marty Long marty.long@house.ks.gov

Ranking Minority Member

Rep. Stephanie Clayton stephanie.clayton@house.ks.gov


Rep. Avery Anderson avery.anderson@house.ks.gov

Rep. Francis Awerkamp francis.awerkamp@house.ks.gov

Rep. Jesse Borjon jesse.borjon@house.ks.gov

Rep. Tom Burroughs tom.burroughs@house.ks.gov

Rep. Will Carpenter will.carpenter@house.ks.gov

Rep. Chris Croft chris.croft@house.ks.gov

Rep. Pam Curtis pam.curtis@house.ks.gov

Rep. Michael Dodson michael.dodson@house.ks.gov

Rep. Ron Highland ron.highland@house.ks.gov

Rep. Kyle Hoffman kyle.hoffman@house.ks.gov

Rep. Steven Johnson steven.johnson@house.ks.gov

Rep. Tom Kessler tom.kessler@house.ks.gov

Rep. Les Mason les.mason@house.ks.gov

Rep. Vic Miller vic.miller@house.ks.gov

Rep. Jason Probst jason.probst@house.ks.gov

Rep. Bradley Ralph bradley.ralph@house.ks.gov

Rep. Louis Ruiz louis.ruiz@house.ks.gov

Rep. William Sutton bill.sutton@house.ks.gov

Rep. Kristey Williams kristey.willliams@house.ks.gov

Rep. Rui Xu rui.xu@house.ks.gov

AN ACT concerning cities and counties; prohibiting the regulation of plastic and other containers designed for the consumption,

transportation or protection of merchandise, food or beverages.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:


Section 1. As used in sections 1 and 2, and amendments thereto:

(a) "Auxiliary container" means, without limitation, a bag, cup, package, container, bottle, device or other packaging:

(1) Made of cloth, paper, plastic, foamed plastic, expanded plastic, cardboard, corrugated material, aluminum, glass, postconsumer recycled material or similar coated or laminated material; and

(2) designed for the consumption, transportation or protection of merchandise, food or beverage at a manufacturing, distribution or

processing facility or a food service or retail establishment.

(b) "Food service establishment" means an establishment that prepares or serves food for sale to the public.

(c) "Municipality" means a city, county or unified government.

(d) "Retail establishment" means any retail establishment, including, but not limited to, a grocery store, supermarket, convenience store, liquor store, dry cleaning establishment, pharmacy, drug store, hardware store, clothing store or department store.

Sec. 2. (a) Except as provided under subsection (b), a municipality shall not adopt or enforce an ordinance, resolution or regulation that restricts, taxes, prohibits or otherwise regulates the use, disposition or sale of auxiliary containers.

(b) A municipality may:

(1) Operate a recycling, composting or solid waste disposal program;


(2) regulate the use of auxiliary containers on property owned or maintained by the municipality.

(c) Nothing in this act shall be construed to prohibit or restrict a municipality from:

(1) Passing or enforcing a general state or general local sales and use tax;

(2) restricting the use of glass containers within the municipality based on public safety concerns;

(3) prohibiting littering; or

(4) setting reasonable standards for the regulation of alcohol possession as otherwise provided by law.


Sec. 3. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its publication in the statute book.


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