Thank you for being in Wichita and writing for our Wichita Eagle, Sarah Spicer. HERE is the first of what we hope is many articles on plastic bags. 


                                                        Our Effort is Under Attack by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce!

                                                          This bill  did not make it to the floor this session,                               fortunately. It'll be back, though.

We are in the news!

September 20, 2021 Plastic Bag Ban: Could This be a City Ordinance by Next Year?

September 9, 2021  Wichita City Council Forms Environmental Advisory Board

January 14, 2021  City task force, WSU to study litter as part of debate on banning plastic bags

Oct 27, 2020 Wichita plastic bag ban study searches for more female and minority voices 

Feb 5, 2020 yet another story about the Single Use Plastic Bag Task Force

Feb 5, 2020  Wichita is one step closer to taxing plastic bags or banning them altogether 

Feb 4, 2020 Check the City Council meeting about 2:15! 


Feb 4, 2020 after the City Council announces the appointment of the Single Use Plastic Bag Task Force

Sept 10, 2019 When we approached the City Council asking for a Task Force